Eric Richards

Redmond, WA 98052

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Software Engineering Manager

I fell in love with writing software and have had the good fortune to work on amazing teams creating innovative products. I lead teams in creating client application software that ships on-time at high-quality. I find great satisfaction in mentoring and growing future leaders and working across teams to create simple, stable architecture. I practice resonant leadership to unleash my team to deliver their responsibilities. I’m constantly learning, and I’ve scaled up many times in new technology.

·         Seasoned professional with years of shipping client application software.

·         Led multiple V1 products and continued support with great subsequent features and updates.

·         Customer obsessed with a passion for high quality upfront and quality tracked through telemetry.


Axon Enterprise, Inc, Seattle, WA

Client Software Engineering Manager, Connected Devices2017 – Present

Scaled up into whole new product space of device and evidence management for law enforcement. I lead client developers across a broad set of applications, including iOS, Android, Electron, Win32 C++, and .NET / WPF. Responsible for vendor selection, management and then ownership of new generation of Win10 C# UWP app.

(Radical Sabbatical)

Ecstatic Developer2016 – 2017

Enjoyed good fortune to take time off to learn new technology beyond Microsoft and to enjoy our lovely area.

Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA

Software Development Lead, HoloLens / Windows Holographic2013 – 2016

Led the dev team creating and delivering V1 Mixed Reality Capture service and UX for video and photo creation of Augment Reality view, through prototypes to final hardware. Led team in creation of Holographic Photos application connected to OneDrive and sharing flow. Took on ownership of Holograms team and shipped updated version of all experiences.

Software Development Lead, Windows 8.1 Mail and Calendar and People Apps2012 – 2013

Led developers adding key functionality to core applications in Windows 8.1. Worked through great prototypes to build high-quality well-understood final features. Scaled up into new domain with broad ownership.

Software Development Lead, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows 8 Photos App2007 – 2012

Led developers creating many innovative features in the Microsoft photography space, especially incorporating key Microsoft Research technology like photo blending, face detection, and face recognition and people tagging. Incorporated leadership lessons and technology from Office into Photos team.

Software Development Lead of Leads, Microsoft Office InfoPath2001 – 2007

Led a large team responsible for crafting the InfoPath forms and for the run-time behavior of form elements. Shipped V1 and then important feature update in SP1. Deep cross-team work within large Office team.

Software Developer / Software Development Lead, Microsoft NetDocs1997 – 2001

Key responsibility was the XSLT/XML/DHTML rendering layer of NetDocs and the delivery of several integrated collection view experiences, such as mail inbox view, calendar view, and contacts view.

Intel Corporation – Supercomputer Systems Division, Beaverton, OR

Software Developer, Supercomputer Tools1992 – 1997

UI developer delivering graphical parallel debugger and other performance tools for Intel TFlops and Paragon.

EPOS Corporation, Auburn, AL

Software Developer / Engineering Manager1987 – 1989

Systems and UI developer for real-time monitoring of plastics injection machines plus quality assessment.



Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Masters Computer Science1989 – 1992

Emphasis on user interface design. Thesis: HC: A Generator for Platform Independent Graphical User Interfaces.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering1983 – 1987


Awards, Patents, Training

Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA

Microsoft Gold Star2001

Patents2013 – 2018

Generating a combined image from multiple images, Issued Aug 20, 2013, us 08515137.

Image Tagging User Interface, Issued Oct 21, 2014, us 08867779.

Augmented-Reality Imaging, Issued Nov 13, 2018, us 10127725.

Training Highlights

Adaptive Leadership (VP nominated class)

Situational Leadership II, Situational Team Leadership

Crucial Conversations

Embracing Change




C++ (included C++11 / C++14), C, Java, C#, Python, Swift, JavaScript, Go, and other… older languages.

Frameworks and Technology

Universal Windows Programming, WinRT, HoloLens Mixed Reality, Win32, Android, iOS, Flutter, OS9, QNX.

Web Technology

HTML5, CSS, XMLHttpRequest, XSLT, XML, JSON, Trident MSHTML application development, Electron.

Fun and hobbies

Arduino, IoT, Raspberry Pi, all while mentoring my little boy.

I love exploring the Pacific Northwest with my family.

I enjoy a good bit of recreational reading (KCLS is awesome) in addition to topics on management, growth, mentoring, education, and science.