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Beauregard Richards (AKC Euzkotar Blade Runner) is a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog. He is owned by Eric and Susan Richards. His housemate is Bella.

Beau has the following achievements: Canine Good Citizen, American and Temperament Test.

Latest Pictures

Beau, the Bubble Slayer

Watch out, Bella!
Beau up in the air with Bella watching.
Dancing Bear
Beau up on his hind legs.
"I have you now!"
The instant before Beau dispatches this bubble.
Lift Off!
Off the ground, in the air, out of the picture.
Hey, watch it, Beau, you're headed right for me--

Out and About

Head shots:one, two, and three
Beau and Bella pausing during a park hike
Beau and Bella playing and goofing around
Backyard play time.
Start of Hike
Susan, Beau, and Bella starting a hike in Washington Park
PSU Fountain:Pyr Walk, and Two Heads
A Portland fountain discovered during a club Pyr walk.


Various Pictures

Cool Waters of June Lake
Beau cooling down in June Lake (Mt. St. Helen's, Washington).
Good Pose!
Beau grins for the camera while sitting on the deck.
Ready to Haul!
Beau strapped to a cart and ready to go to work.
Good Stand!
Beau standing nicely in our back yard.
Beau and O'Malley the Kitten
Beau with his new best friend.
First Snow of Fall 96
Beau standing in our first snow of the season. Yahoo!
Beau and Austin
Beau and Austin, a dalmatian.

Showing Beau in 1996

National Show Ring
Beau and the judge in the national show ring.
Brush Prairie Arrival
Beau getting ready to show at Brush Prairie.
Brush Prairie Line-Up
Beau getting some loving encouragement before going into the ring.
Banks: Running in the Ring
Beau and Susan in the ring (Banks, Oregon).
Banks: Winner!
Beau came in first!

Closing in on His Teens

Black and White (Nine months)

"Could I do any wrong?"
Sitting with Pride
A proud boy being alert.
Elegant (yet goofy)
Something must look tasty!
Handsome Pose
Susan's beautiful Beauregard.

Let it Snow!!! (14 months)

Snow Flake Blink
Beau's first snow, and first snowflake in the eye.
Will there be more?
Beau wondering if this is all the snow for the day.
Snow! Ya-Hoo!
Composite of Beau in action.

Various Pics

Rain Beau
Beau under the rainbow (yet another bad puppy-hair day).
Hello, Shadow!
Beau waking Shadow (the only cat here that tolerates him) with his nose.
Beau and Eric at Mt. Tabor
A nice summer day pose at Mount Tabor in Portland.
Beau and Jim at Sandlake
Beau and Jim underneath a deep blue sky at Sandlake.
Hal and Beau
My Dad and Beau on the deck.

The Puppy Days...

Rock snoozzz
Little Beau asleep on the cool, cool rocks...
Milk Jugs!!! On the trot and on the side!
Back when a milk jug was big and drug the ground!
Susan & Beau
Susan and a too cute Beau (standing tall)
Comin' in for a kiss
Low-angle shot of Beau trotting head-on.
Washington Park sit
Beau and Susan surveying a sunny Washington Park.
A Kiss for Daddy
A kiss for the bearded man (me).
Beau's a Punk Rocker!
Something about that puppy Pyr hair!
Adoration for Susan.
Daddy Pose
A pose around the scene of puppy destruction.
"Gimme that towel -- I'm some kind of cute!"
Pyr Puppies Galore!
Beau and his litter: our first visit to Beau's breeder. Beau is in the back.

Brush Prarie 1995

Before Match One
Susan and Beau ready to go into the ring!
Match One: Preparing
Match one, waiting line-up (Beau is last on the right)
Match One: Beau and Karlo
Beau to the left, his brother Karlo to the right.
Match One: Line-up
The line-up (Beau was third!).
Match Two: evaluation
Beau being checked by the judge.
Match Two: Second place!
Beau comes in second! Karlo to the right, Loki to the left.

Eric J. Richards