Thursday, June 29, 2006
Gnomedex Outlook Contacts from the Gnomedex OPML


Gnomedex 6 starts tonight and I'm excited. For the past couple of years I've been looking forward to a regional conference / geek-together given all the great things going on in Seattle and Portland. Usually, though, things are just too crazy at work or I'm out of town. Fortunately, Gnomedex is now in Seattle and my schedule aligned and I signed up as soon as I could.

I'm going as an enthused individual, not officially representing Microsoft.

Here's something interesting for the other attendees: Chris released the OPML of the folks registered for Gnomedex. Dave pointed to a directory listing web page created out of the OPML. Over the weekend and a few recent late nights, I ran a script to get the OPML into Outlook as contacts and then decided to put snapshots of the various speakers into the contact cards, along with throwing in categories for Gnomedex and Gnomedex-Speaker.

Then I gave the mouse a cookie.

I decided, hey, why not get to know all of your fellow attendees by visiting their given web page. And, hey, if they have a headshot, why not throw that into their contact info. Oh, and, hey, if they have a bio or such, why not throw that into their contact details.

This got a little carried away. So I'd like to share it, if I could:

Outlook contacts for Gnomedex06:

That is a ZIP file containing an Outlook 2003 PST which contains a contact folder called Gnomedex06. Import this PST into your Outlook - as a folder off of your Outlook root - and you'll have all the attendee contact info that I've put together during the past few nights. I have not filled in a lot of gory details (no email, no phone) and have not gone and Google-stalked folks or anything; if your given web page led to a quick bio or representative snippet, I pasted it. Along with a headshot.

That's all.

You might find it useful. Feel free to use, and if you need to convert it to some other format go right ahead. If you share that let me know and I'll add a pointer to it, too.

And let me apologize if I didn't fill out your info or if you're well known to a lot of people and I missed putting in your info. I was browsing, copying, and pasting as fast as I could for nearly 300 people (with a glass or two of fine Woodinville red wine in me). I also didn't fill in much for the speakers since they are well known.

Drop me a line at Eric_Richards at ericri dot com if you have any comments / feedback.

Update: Chris notes this doesn't work with Outlook 2000. Sorry.

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