Thursday, July 13, 2006


Whew-wee, it's hard to believe I was once a UI designer and Edward Tufte fan looking at this ugly little web utility I slapped together: DHTML Taggy!

Feel free to save locally and modify. Send me any feedback or ideas.

Taggy is what I intend to use as my homegrown tag generator so that I can add some Technorati tags at the end of my more meaningful blog posts. Well, and non-meaningful, too. I've been doing this by hand so far.

I had intended to do this as a Yahoo! widget but, well, two months later and it took 30 minutes to write in DHTML and verify and this good enough for now.

In addition to typing in your tags (ten tags max) there are three fields for customizing the resultant HTML:

(1) The outer HTML that should be generated containing your lists of tags. By default, I have two HR tags in there to help seperate out the HTML I want to copy and paste. The %s represents the series of tags to be inserted.

(2) The HTML for each tag. %u is the escaped form (spaces converted to plus-sign, all text converted to lower-case). %s is the tag you typed in.

(3) What goes between each tag (e.g., comma, space, hypen).

It generates both an HTML area you can copy and paste from and a textbox containing the raw HTML (should you need that instead).

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