Wednesday, August 30, 2006
ATI TV Wonder 650 Total Recall


Okay, I don't need a buggy time-sink in my life. I've decided that being an early adopter just isn't for me anymore. Can you believe how much stuff is shipped buggy in this day and age with a promised firmware update?

Sometimes I can stand it. My Buffalo LinkTheater works just fine for me. It plays DiVX and WMV and I occasionally use it to do slideshows of pictures and listen to music. But it took a server update and a few firmware updates to get it where it is, and now the support for it (which is why I bought it - it had an extremely passionate support engineer) is dwindling and most owners have begrudgingly flipped the bit on it and consider it a waste of money.

Eventually, I'll get a big iron Vista Ultimate machine that I can run Media Center on. The Buffalo will work with it, but the Xbox 360 will work with it extremely well for WMV and MPEG2. So I hope to record OTA HDTV on my old Gateway and dump it into a directory that MC is watching to playback.

Once I can find a card that's been stable for a while...

More: DailyTech - ATI TV Wonder 650 Total Recall

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