Monday, August 14, 2006
GPX Resources



Given that I spent Saturday afternoon playing with GPS data exported from my handheld GPS to GPX, I think I need to save this link for later: Link to GPX Resources

I was super surprise to see the map data stored in GPX and very tempted to download the schema, load it into InfoPath, and create an editor. But what I really wanted at the time was the track in the data to try out the polyline drawing within Local Live maps. It worked well, though I'm afraid either my GPS isn't super accurate (they all have a bit that's off) or the polyline is off.

Currently, I'm working on a system to offload a track into a web page all set up to render the track as a polyline. I'm curious if I should do multiple segment coloring... over time? My altitude data looks off, so coloring the line by altitude is currently not something I can do with my current equipment.

Holy smokes! I am flabbergasted! I wrote this post initially for my blog and then I decided to add my Eric'o'theque account to Live Writer. In the process, while this post was open, it made it as a post to add to this blog as well.

Wow! It did actually download the template so that I could see what it's going to look like in my blog. Fan-damn-tastic!

Playing with the View menu revealed that there is a "Normal" view so that one can see what their entry should look like in an RSS reader.

I think I might be in love... now I just wish I could configure all my blogs on one machine, save that off and move it to the other four machines I use during the day.

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