Thursday, June 28, 2007
Tog Speaks - Q&A with Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini


An interview with Bruce Tognazzini: Q&A with Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini.

It mentions the StarFire video ( - I have a VHS of Starfire that I bought back in the 90s because I was a hipster UI dude, living in Portland and being a smug little pre-web Mac-head digerati.

Then user-interface design got blown apart by crappy web pages.

Anyway, looks like you can download an MP4 of StarFire now. I guess I can stop being paranoid about losing my VHS tape.

Back to Bruce: he's responsible for an instrumental essay that changed my outlook on life. He wrote about how a developer needs to understand Myers-Briggs personality types because most likely their personality type is very, very different than that of the user they are developing software for. So I found out at the time I was an INTJ (certain things started to make sense) and that my users were indeed quite different than that.

Let alone other people in the world.

I have both of Bruce's books and I especially recommend "Tog on Interface."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
My New Team: Announcing the Windows Live Photo Gallery, Beta 1


Whew, so it's finally public: Microsoft Photography & Video Blog : Announcing the Windows Live Photo Gallery, Beta 1 .

I joined the team back on March 19th, just over three months ago. It's a fantastic team creating a fun product that is important to anyone who takes digital pictures or video. I'm really proud of everyone who worked so hard to get this initial release out. It was agility in action.

And soon, everyone will have a chance to download the revised photo gallery and give it a go. I love the organization the photo gallery gives you, along with the groovy ability to publish up to Spaces. And photo-stitching into a panoramic shot is always a bit magical.

We have an abundance of features to consider going forward, too. So, when the time comes, give it a try and provide us your feedback.

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