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Friday, February 24, 2006
Boss sighting! Judy Guist from my Intel days. 

I came into my office on Monday to find some materials from my Intel days had fallen off my bookcase onto my desk. I have an interview to conduct today so I'm reorganizing the desk mess to look like an organized person. So I flipped through the old Intel ParAide: The Parallel Integrated Development Environment leaflet. Ooo, there was a picture of my boss at Intel, Judy Guist. I did a quick Google search (sorry MSN) and came across this article: GAL Twirler Feature Story - December 2005

And there's Judy's picture at the bottom!


Thursday, February 23, 2006
A fine cowboy movie... 

So Elisa and I went to go see Brokeback Mountain this past weekend. It was at one of my favorite nearby theaters (well, now nearby since we're not in the middle of BFE). It's a fine cowboy movie. Once I saw coyotes I was really hoping to see some coyotes go to heaven. Tails. All I got were tails.

I could have dealt with a little bit of romance. All the relationships in the story seemed so doomed and broken, except maybe the relationship Ennis has with his daughter... mostly thanks to his daughter.

When I was younger, I liked my films dark and full of angst about the human condition. After having lived a few more years on this earth and getting to experience my own darkest moments of the soul, I don't seek out films about other people's failings near as much. So, I can't imagine standing to see Brokeback a second time.

Same thing with Capote. I enjoyed it (a lot more than Brokeback) but there wasn't anything rewarding in seeing it other than to appreciate the experience.

So, I'm looking forward more to a fresh bag of popcorn and X-Men 3. And Superman. No cowboys need apply.

Monday, February 13, 2006
No spin and The Daily Show - Pitching in the "no-spin era" 

Wow, it's interesting to read about other people having the same reaction to When Interviews Go Bad on The Daily Show: Presentation Zen: Pitching in the "no-spin era". I watched this with Elisa and it was just painful

Jon and Torie just weren't communicating very well at all. Near the end of the interview, I remember Mr. Stewart saying something like, "Okay, I think we've made it past the cover page!"

All I can say is that it reminds of the days when I presented to a group of people way more than I do nowadays. Sometimes, I'd get an obtuse hard-to-understand just what the heck the person was asking kind of question. My crude attempts to do some active listening to replay back to them what I understood their question to be usually resulted in frustrated "Oh, never mind" from them.


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